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If you are like most doctors you have limited resources and may be committed to traditional surgeries or radiology treatments – Ask yourself - Are you offering your patients the most advanced options for treating their prostate cancer?

Benefits of Working with Focused Ultrasound Ablation Inc.

for your HiFU Services

No up-front investment required for use of the equipment.  

(Fee-for-service model)

Factory Certified Technologist provided with the system.

Support of urologist in Certification

Training  with an authorized proctor.

 Marketing team to assist in providing patient awareness and education.

 Fully compliant in Stark II/Anti Kickback laws.  

 Medical Advisory Board Consists of World Leaders in HiFU research

Find out more about joining the Prostate Cancer Health network of urologists that are giving their patients a fighting chance against cancer.

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HiFU is effective against 

Prostate Cancer

HiFU treatment requires NO hospital stay, NO radiation, and NO wound healing.  It is highly successful in preserving the patient’s continence and potency by avoiding damage the vascular nerve bundles and sphincters. 

FINALLY Another Option!

“HiFU Prostate Cancer treatment

really works and is the only solution that I would recommend to my patients ”

Doctor Testimonial

Highest Patient Satisfaction

A cancer free patient is a happy patient – why use prolonged maintenance when there are better treatment options available.

Tested Globally

Thousands of patients have been treated with HiFU – It is safe, effective and has less side effects than other treatment options.

Knowledge Network

Being a member of the HiFU-USA Network, provides training and access to hundreds of specialized treatment centers enabling you to offer the best care for your patients.

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