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About Focused Ultrasound Ablation Inc. 

Focused Ultrasound Ablation is a U.S. corporation which provides minimally-invasive medical treatment for tissue ablation in prostate cancer patients using High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HiFU).  Since HIFU was first available in the U.S. we knew that we had to help patients learn about this treatment.  You see, HiFU is a medical technique which effectively destroys cancerous prostate tissue through the targeted application of ultrasound waves focused to extreme temperatures using precise robotic targeting.

Focused Ultrasound Ablation Inc.

HIFU uses the EDAP Ablatherm HiFU system, which was cleared by the FDA in November of 2015. The first HiFU treatments were performed in 1993. Advantages of treatment via the Ablatherm include a robotically controlled treatment administered by factory trained urologists certified by the world's most renowned physicians thereby yielding consistently excellent results. It has fewer compromising side effects common to cancer treatments, e.g., surgery, cryosurgery and radiation. In addition, it has been demonstrated that HiFU treatment results in meaningful preservation of quality of life for the patient. 

Ablatherm HiFU has been used in more than 250 centers around the world with beneficial results in more than 100,000 cases. It is typically recommended for patients with localized prostate cancer and want a minimally invasive option with low side effects.  Why take chances under prostate urology maintenance – HiFU is low risk, has a high success rate and may be covered by your insurance – Let HiFU provide you with a new beginning.

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HiFU Is Safe

Urologists often delay patient treatments in order to avoid surgeries with dangerous side effects and complications – HiFU is safe.

HiFU Is Smart

HiFU only attacks the cancer with minimal risk of urinary or sexual side effects – Why would you consider any other treatment?

HiFU Is Effective

HiFU has a near 100% success rate - When your doctor says you have prostate cancer do not delay – contact Prostate us today!

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