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Contact Prostate Cancer Health for additional details on how HiFU can help you in your fight against Prostate Cancer.  We provide patients with new choices that many doctors do not inform their patients about. The medical industry is often slow to adopt new treatment options – this is mostly due to their investment in treatment centers or medical equipment. In some cases, this happens at the patient’s expense. Our commitment to you is that our network of highly trained urologists and specialized equipment will help you recover –– when every day counts HiFU can help you recover lost


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HiFU Is Safe

Urologists often delay patient treatments in order to avoid surgeries with dangerous side effects and complications – HiFU is safe.

HiFU Is Smart

HiFU only attacks the cancer with minimal risk of urinary or sexual side effects – Why would you consider any other treatment?

HiFU Is Effective

HiFU has a near 100% success rate - When your doctor says you have prostate cancer do not delay – contact Prostate us today!

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